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Conveyor (conveyor) tape C
  • Conveyor (conveyor) tape C
  • Conveyor (conveyor) tape C
  • Conveyor (conveyor) tape C
  • Conveyor (conveyor) tape C
  • Conveyor (conveyor) tape C
  • Conveyor (conveyor) tape C
  • Conveyor (conveyor) tape C

Conveyor (conveyor) tape C

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Conveyor (conveyor) tape 

The conveyor tape - the most popular and widespread means used for cargo transfer and materials in various spheres of the industry, and also trade, agriculture and so forth. 

LLC TBES will design, will make and will mount tape the conveyor and conveyors of different standard sizes and length closed and open type, direct and channeled, mobile and stationary, horizontal and inclined. irreversive and reversive.

Konveyra tape are intended for movement of loose, melkokuskovy, lumpy freights and materials (clay, coal, sand, a stone, ore, peat, spill, cement, lime, fertilizers, garbage), and also piece freights (semi-finished products, products) and a container (boxes, boxes, pallets, pallets).

Conveyors and the conveyor tape are completed with cases of management.

The conveyor tape productions of LLC Tekhno-Biot-Energo-Service can have the following options in addition: - adjustment of speed of the movement of a tape; - smooth launch of the engine; - rubberizing of driving and tension drums; - equipment by the limit switch, the device which is switching off (rope, lever); - equipment buttons of an emergency stop; - supply with platforms of service, various protections, ladders, trays, shelters, support and other metalwork; - equipment of a krebkama for cleaning of a tape; - complete set deflektorny rollers; - equipment by the device from a longitudinal cut of a tape; - equipment the device from a tape descent; - equipment by a lovitel of a tape; - installation of sensors of control of speed of a tape; - other.  

The conveyor tape consists from: 1. Stations driving, including the drive and the driving reel 2. Stations tension, including not driving reel 3. Having become (frame) of the conveyor 4. Rolikoopora with rollers of the bearing branch 5. Rolikoopora with rollers of a single branch 6. Tension device (screw or cargo) 7. Infinite conveyer belt

You can order the tape tape conveyor from us with a width of tape of 500 mm, 650 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm. 

Also we offer spare parts to conveyors tape: rollers, shaft, driving and tension stations, drums, etc.

The conveyor (conveyors) from LLC TBES can be completed with both domestic, and foreign drives and accessories at the request of the customer.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 29.08.2020
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